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A Tranquil Retreat in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, the peaceful village of Tempo offers a serene escape into the heart of Northern Ireland’s rural charm. With its rich history, pristine natural surroundings, and warm community, Tempo is a hidden gem that invites visitors to experience the authentic essence of this corner of Northern Ireland.

Ancient Origins

Tempo’s history dates back through the centuries, revealing traces of ancient settlements and events that have influenced the village’s character. Its name is believed to have originated from the Irish “An tIompú,” meaning “the turn” or “the twist,” reflecting the local landscape’s features.

St. Molaise’s Church

One of the village’s most prominent landmarks is St. Molaise’s Church, a place of worship with historical significance and remarkable architecture. The church, which dates back to the 19th century, is a testament to Tempo’s spiritual heritage and its place within the cultural fabric of Northern Ireland.

Community and Culture

Tempo, despite its relatively small size, is known for its strong sense of community and camaraderie. The friendly locals, often found in the village’s traditional pubs and local events, are known for their warm hospitality. The inviting atmosphere encourages travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture and engage with the community.

Natural Beauty

The village is surrounded by the captivating landscapes of County Fermanagh. The lush countryside, rolling hills, and the pristine waters of Lough Erne provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities, from hiking and birdwatching to lakeside picnics.

Lough Erne and Beyond

Tempo’s proximity to Lough Erne allows visitors to explore the region’s beautiful waterways, with options for boating, fishing, and leisurely lakeside strolls. Additionally, the nearby Castle Archdale Country Park, located on the shores of Lough Erne, offers walking trails, birdwatching, and opportunities for picnics in a serene countryside setting.

In Conclusion

Tempo, a village in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, encapsulates the beauty and history of rural Northern Ireland. Its rich heritage, natural beauty, and welcoming community make it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat and a deep connection with the region’s culture and nature. Whether you’re interested in exploring the surrounding countryside, immersing yourself in local culture, or simply savoring the tranquility of the village, Tempo offers an authentic Northern Irish experience that lingers in the memory. It’s a place where time seems to slow down, and the beauty of the Northern Irish countryside takes center stage, inviting visitors to relax and discover the magic of this serene corner of Northern Ireland.


Tempo is a small village just to the north east of Enniskillen in a picturesque setting at the foot of Brougher Mountain. The Main Street of the village contains a roughly equal number of houses and business premises, which cater for the population of just over 500 people.

Driving into the village from the south, one is greeted initially by the Stone Circle at the entrance to the village. This is actually a modern construction designed by the residents of the village to both highlight the Celtic heritage of the area and make Tempo more distinctive. It is very effective, providing a striking image. Beyond the Stone Circle, the Parish Church sits high above the road, dominating the skyline.

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