ballinamallard_streetBallinamallard is a small, bright village located north of Enniskillen. It is immediately obvious to the visitor that this is a particularly neat and well maintained village that has a very clean and fresh feel to it. This has been recognised by the award of several ‘best kept village’ titles, and the dedication of a fountain to mark the honour.

Like almost all of Fermanagh’s towns and villages, water is never too far away from you in Ballinamallard, with Erne tributaries flowing through and around the village. It is particularly noted for its trout fishing.

For a village with a population of around 500, Ballinamallard has provided several famous sons. Rudyard Kipling, Stanley Baldwin – former English Prime Minister and the noted painter, Sir Edward Burne-Jones can all trace their heritage directly back to Ballinamallard man the Rev. James McDonald. It was his daughters who provided the mothers and wives of this notable bunch.

Pubs & Restaurants, Ballinamallard

Encore Steak House – 66 Main Street, Ballinamallard – 028 6638 8606
The Poachers Inn – 48 Main Street, Ballinamallard – 028 6638 8580
Mallard Bar – 64 Main Street, Ballinamallard, – 028 6638 8388

Taxis, Ballinamallard

Care Cabs – 44 Head Street, Enniskillen – 028 6634 2999
Flexi Cabs – 3 Castle St, Enniskillen – 028 6632 4848
Kozie Kabs – 2 Castle St, Enniskillen – 028 6632 6232
Speedy Cabs – 10 Ross Close, Enniskillen – 028 6632 7327
Star Taxis – 2 Castle Street, Enniskillen – 028 6632 3232

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