Brookeborough is a picturesque, leafy village in the North East of the County. A small village with a population well below 1000, Brookeborough is immaculately presented. The former train station, pictured here, has been wonderfully restored by the local Community Association, which is now based there and is a focal point for the village.

The main street is wide and airy and, refreshingly, lined with trees. The main road to Belfast has bypassed the village, giving it a real air of tranquillity and a genuinely friendly atmosphere.

The village is set in a deeply rural environment and luxuriates in the surrounding hills, offering a quiet and rewarding stop-off for any visitor.

Brookeborough Development Association are a cross- community and cross-border development group involved in a number of community initiatives and based in the old station house in Brookeborough.

Pubs & Restaurants, Brookeborough

Buzzoka Bar – 33 Main Street, Brookeborough – 028 8953 1410
Castle Hill Bar – Main Street, Brookeborough – 028 8953 1424
The Forest Inn – 73 Main Street, Brookeborough – 028 8953 1814

Taxis, Brookeborough

Care Cabs – 44 Head Street, Enniskillen – 028 6634 2999
Flexi Cabs – 3 Castle St, Enniskillen – 028 6632 4848
Kozie Kabs – 2 Castle St, Enniskillen – 028 6632 6232
Speedy Cabs – 10 Ross Close, Enniskillen – 028 6632 7327
Star Taxis – 2 Castle Street, Enniskillen – 028 6632 3232

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