Locally, the Ederney area has an abundance of Historical Sites including Drumskinny stone circle. Drumskinny (from Irish: Droim Scine meaning “knife ridge”) is the site of a stone circle. The historic site is easily accessed and consists of 39 stones set in a circle. The arrangement is supposed to be related to the seasons, moon and sun and the site dates from the Bronze Age.

One of the principal buildings in the village is Ederney Townhall or Ederney Market House as it was first known, was established about 1839 under the instruction Rev.Wm West and was designed by the renowned Dublin-based architect, W D Butler.

Originally, there were three bays on the ground floor which housed an open arcade. An upper floor was often used as a hall for social events as well as a school classroom. During a reconstruction in the late 1880s, the open arches were built-up and the building modernised into a two-storey three-bay building.

The main front has a single large arch flanked by small windows at the ground floor and three windows at the upper floor. There is a simple pediment with a circular plaque which now houses the village clock.

The side elevation has a single large arch at the lower level and a fine Venetian window at the upper level. In the early part of the 20th century the ground floor was still in use as a market place before being leased to Gracey’s of Enniskillen for an egg packaging depot. The upper floor was used for various uses from the late 1880s to the middle of the 1990s as a school classroom, as a theatre and entertainment venue and was the location for Ederney’s first cinema. A separate first floor room was used for meetings by the Masonic lodge.

By the late 1980s, the building had been mostly derelict for several decades. It was taken over by Fermanagh District Council and redeveloped for community use following some local lobbying.

Today it is fully operational as a village community centre accommodating for and providing facilities and services for the community.

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